Zoomologist.com is brought to you by Zoom-Out Ltd and is the companion site to Zoom-Out.org

Zoomologist builds upon, expands and explores the core Zoom-Out Principles and Dimensions from Zoom-Out.org

Herein lies the path of the Zoomologist

Optimise your reality

To Zoom-Out, is to see beyond your current ‘reality’, to many potentially more helpful perspectives.

Zoom-Out (capitalised and hyphenated) is a set of cognitive principles, tools and metaphors aimed at increasing human effectiveness, wellbeing and resilience.

Zoom-Out can be used by adults, children, parents, teachers, teams and organisations. That’s everyone!

You can find out more at our Zoom-Out.org site.

So what is a Zoomologist?




  1. A practitioner of Zoomology (see below)





  1. the science of encouraging and preserving the variety, breadth and balance of human perspectives
  2. the study and practice of recognising when a person is Zoomed-In on something unhelpful and identifying ways to Zoom-Out (and optionally Zoom-In again) on something more helpful



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